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No. 201259172856
Name Mixing granulator pelleting machine | film | waste film pelleting machine | PE film granulator
        Mixing granulator pelleting machine | film | waste film pelleting machine | PE film granulatorDetails

Mixing granulator

TG - 100-150 - type plastic mixing granulator

Product details:

TG - 150, 100 type plastic crushing mixing granulator

Native applications Japanese advanced technology, the use of multiple blade grinding rapidly, agitating continuously, mixed friction heating, cooling and contraction principle, plastic film, wire, strip, plate, soft plastic pipes, foaming materials, and degrading materials caused by particles from waste materials and Angle materials inputs such as reproduction, is the latest ideal granulating equipment to recycle plastics and reproduce. Main functions: 1, for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poly (acrylic, low density polyethylene and high density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene and other soft plastic, bags, wire, strip, plate, pipe and scraps from the recycling of waste materials, put into production. 2, crushing, granulation of degradable plastic film and Angle materials recycling reproduction. 3, to the chemical fiber material (polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.) for crushing, granulation, reproduction of waste treatment. 4, multi-usage. Alternative mixing machine or dryer. Main features: A: grinding, mixing, color can be A to B: machine covers an area of small C: mechanical structure is simple, easy to operate D: blade clearance is adjustable, convenient tool change E: high efficiency, low consumption (200 degrees) per 1 ton, power consumption

F: low temperature granulation, basic don't destroy the molecular structure of raw material, no damage to the physical performance

The main technical parameters:

1 machine barrel capacity

150 l

100 l

2 production capacity

60-80 kg/h

30 to 60 kg/h

3 main motor power

18 kw

15 kw

4 water device

125 w.

125 w.

5 heating power

1.5 KW

1.5 KW

6 spindle speed

660 r/min

660 r/min

7 machine overall dimensions

1500 * 700 * 700 mm

1300 * 600 * 600 mm

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