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No. 201259173020
Name The monolithic hot machine | | non-woven non-woven holder machine ironing machine
        The monolithic hot machine | | non-woven non-woven holder machine ironing machineDetails
The monolithic ironing machine
TG - non-woven ironing machine



this product is currently the domestic blank of a machine with modernization, it bring to the factory with the packaging industry the advent of a new milestone, it is completely controlled by a computer to work program, the work speed is several times more than general manual operation, can make two roll film material automatically into a half a beautiful decorative pattern, at the same time to the correct position of the bag, can yield up to one hundred percent, get the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise.

The main technical parameters:

the bag width: 250 mm - 600 - mm

voltage: 380 v50hz

handle length: 650 mm

thick bag: 50 g to 150 g

speed: 30 PCS/min

mechanical size: 1200 * 1100 * 2100 mm

machine weight: 550 kg

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