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Name Non-woven banana bag bag making machine | banana bag machine
        Non-woven banana bag bag making machine | banana bag machineDetails

Product introduction:

automatic non-woven fabric) of fruit bag machine is a automatic bag making equipment, it from raw materials into the material, sealing side, the cutting finished product for a line automation, it with PP non-woven materials as raw materials, environmental protection by ultrasonic seamless sewing, can also drops of glue, permeability is better, more suitable for the growth of pollution-free fruits and vegetables and protection; It also can adjust the fruit bag size within a certain scope, can meet the morello cherry bag production, such as: banana bag, apple bags, bag, the peach mango bag, etc.


Fruit product alias:

 non-woven bags, non-woven) fruit bag machine, ultrasonic) fruit bag machine, automatic) fruit bag machine, fruit bagging machine, non-woven protective equipment, non-woven fruit fruit set of machine, non-woven fruit bagging machine, non-woven, breathable protective equipment

Product parameters:

machine type: TG - 700

machine feet inches: 3520 * 1000 * 1700 mm

electric voltage: 220 v, 50/60 hz

can produce: 40-120 PCS/min

power: 5800 w

air pressure: 4 to 6 kg/cm2


Machine USES:

used in the production of one-time non-woven) fruit bag. Non-woven) fruit bag is made of non-woven fabric environmental protection fibre by ultrasonic bonding, it's ok cloth) fruit bag, does not harm the fruit is not affected under the premise of normal growth and maturity, not only can isolate pesticide and pollution of the environment pollution-free fruit, but also through the isolation of plant diseases and insect pests and the effect of dust makes the mature fruit surface is smooth, colour and lustre bright-coloured, improved fruit quality, benefit is remarkable. Popular speaking, non-woven fruit bags is the fruit of the coat, and protective film.


Product features:

1. The small compact design, save space;

2. Stable performance, precise operation;

3. The ultrasonic welding, size is adjustable;

4. The product is beautiful and high efficiency;

5. All the machine using aluminum alloy, beautiful and strong does not rust.


The basic technological process:

feeding - fold - ultrasonic bonding, the drops of glue - cutting - bag - recycling - count


The process can realize full automation, only 1 ~ 2 people, can be adjusted within a certain range production speed and product size; Automatic yukon fruit bag machine using the touch screen operation, with step by step fixed-length, photoelectric tracking (running smoothly) accurately, automatic counting (counting alarm can be set), and other industrial control device. At the same time, in order to further realize the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection, in the process of production has more than material recycling function, will produce the rest waste collected automatically in the process of bag making, contribute to secondary use, reduced the labor intensity, increase the working efficiency.

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