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Name Mixing granulator
        Mixing granulator Details

Mixing granulator


TG - 500 l chemical fiber granulator is a kind of high-speed will waste thermoplastic film and wall thickness of less than 2 mm products direct granulation equipment, it can be soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high and low pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and other thermoplastic plastic waste products or thin films for aggregate, or waste products of expanded polystyrene granules.

Waste into the machine, after the pot body by high speed rotating blade and fixed blade shearing action, make the material was quickly cut into pieces, chopped material or slice under the action of centrifugal force of rotating knife plate along the pot body wall flow, pitch slurry function under the material at the same time, by the direction to a pot body center, because under the high speed friction between the material itself as well as with the pot wall friction and blades produces a large amount of frictional heat, the material temperature rising rapidly reach half plasticizing state, adhesion into small pieces, each other in front of the material to agglomerate, all will be prepared in advance of quantitative water spray into the material, cold hot material, gasification, quickly take away the material surface heat, so that make the material surface cooling to prevent caking sharply, and then turn the blade and the blade made of chopped crushing effect between particles (size is irregular aggregate). In the process of chopped, can also according to the need to join the appropriate pigment dye.

The chemical fiber granulator created aggregate can be directly for the extruder, injection machine, to a strict products also can be the plasticizing again after the extrusion granulator, first used after granulation










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